Sapa is the largest extruder in the world and North America with 18 plants in the US, Canada and Mexico. Sapa manufactures solid, semi-hollow and hollow extrusions. We specialize in close tolerance extruding and fabricating as well as in-house anodizing. We also provide precision post-extrusion fabrication utilizing state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Our product development professionals will consult with you and design a custom extrusion to meet your needs and can engineer custom dies to match your exact tolerances. We operate 41 extrusion presses with capacities of up to 12" diameter and work in a multitude of alloys. Sapa's plant in Mountaintop, PA manufactures solid, semi-hollow and hollow extrusions. Additionally, our Asian supply link adds another 25 extrusion presses to our capacity. Please contact the representative in your area for more information.
One 1000 ton 5" press Wt/ft. from 0.100
  One 1675 ton 7" press Wt/ft. up to 8.5"
> Bill Reid - Michigan One 3000 ton 9" press Wt/ft. up to 12.0
> Tom Costello - Ohio/Kentucky Alloys 6063, 6061, 6005, 6463, 6082
> Terry Beasley - Indiana, N. Illinois, Wisconsin Tempers 0 thru T6 using air, spray or full water quench
In-house machining, slotting, punching, deburring, cleaning In-house mechanical finishing and anodizing for lengths up to 34'


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